In this first entry, I would like to discuss why I am writing this blog. First and foremost, I am writing this blog to test my own discipline. You see, I am not very good at discipline, and often drop the ball. Thus, I have created this blog as a sort of test for myself. My lofty goal is to write one, 500-word entry every day for one full calendar year. I thought of the idea in mid-December and came up with a list of 365 (!) key words to write about. Today’s word, beginnings, is meant to convey the excitement and nervousness of starting a new project. The excitement is about chewing on ideas through my writing and sharing them with others. The nervousness is about failure. How many of us have made new year’s resolutions and failed to uphold them?

The other reason I begin this blog is to practice my own writing. I have wanted to get into a routine of writing for some time. Writing a blog is a simple way for me to start bringing this vision into a day-to-day reality. I have a love/hate relationship with writing. I have done a lot of writing in my life but never been very consistent about it. Writing daily is my effort to be consistent and make writing into a daily practice. Writing can feel anxiety-producing to be sure, but it can also be exhilarating and liberating. My goal in beginning this blog is not to move mountains but to chew on ideas and concepts that are important to me. If other enjoy reading any entry, that is great, but I must be honest that I am writing this blog chiefly for myself. It is not to create a “finished” view of the concepts I explore, but rather to show the in-flux nature of the ideas that I examine. If I look back at any of these writings 10 years from now, I fully expect my thinking to have shifted or even radically transformed on some topics. This is a good thing as thinking that is static quickly morphs into dogma and strict ideology. I want my ideas to be moving and transforming.

Why did I call the blog concepts queered? Because I am a queer person. Because I write from a queer perspective. And because I am always attempting to figure out how to “queer” concepts, ideas and phenomena. Queer is a noun, and adjective and a verb. I am interested in each of these, but most especially queer as a verb. How do we queer stuff? Sometimes the blog will explicitly examine the process of queering, or how my queerness affects my perspective on the concepts I write about. Other times it won’t be explicitly named but the reader should remember that I am a queer person writing it and that alone make it queer!

One thing that is queer is failure. I may fail to uphold my daily commitment, but that too is queer! While I am going to endeavor to write my at least 500-word entry daily, if I fail I will dust myself off, get up and try again. Here’s to queer beginnings and to a meaningful and emancipatory 2018.