Eating Out

I absolutely love to eat out. I love it SO much better than eating at home.

Cooking for me is absolute hell. I burn things. I break thing. I drop things. It is a veritable disaster. I am frankly amazed when I hear people talk about how cooking is relaxing for them. From purchasing all the ingredients, preparing them and cooking them and doing all the clean-up, I find nothing relaxing about it but see it more as an ordeal.

Everything about eating out is preferable. You get to sit a comfortable booth. Have someone courteously come up to you and ask you what you want to drink. Then look a huge-ass menu with so many choices of what you would like to eat – way more than in the average home food pantry. Then you get to state your preferences and wait a short while your food is prepared. And then presto – a steaming plate of delicious food is on the table in front of you. This is not even counting appetizers and desserts, which make the experience even better.

Now I grant you, this is an idealized experience. There can be lots of glitches in the eating out experience. Bad service, bad food and bad ambience are the first things to come to mind. But despite these misfortunes, I would still rather eat out than face the sheer horror of home food preparation and all the rage that goes with it. Making food puts me in a bad mood for some reason, maybe because I know I can’t do it. That leaves me with pasta and frozen meals to eat at home.

I do not mind eating out alone in the slightest. Some people would not be caught dead eating alone, but it has never bothered me at all. Perhaps because I have lived a life beset by isolation, eating alone is just one more example of my aloneness. I usually work on my computer, read or listen to music. Sometimes I people watch. It’s hard to say how often I eat out per week, but it is probably 4-5 times a week. This doesn’t bother me either, but it does bother my wallet. Eating out is expensive and seems to be getting more and more so. I do know it is all about balance and I need to pick my eating out restaurants carefully both for price and for quality. Since you are paying so much you deserve a good meal.

I also love trying different types of cuisine. It is cool that you can go to different restaurants and try different ethnic cuisines. I have tried many, but among my favorite are Thai, Ethiopian, Himalayan, Indian and Italian. There are also some amazing Asian fusion restaurants and street food restaurants that have excellent food. I even like fast food, take-out and delivery, or even buying pre-made food in a supermarket and taking it home. Anything besides home-made food, even if it is the third pizza delivery of the week.

Now to be sure, as the adage goes, there is nothing better than a homemade meal. I agree with that as long as it is cooked by someone else. Occasionally I get a homemade meal by my parents and am very grateful for it. But mostly it will continue to be eating out and frozen dinners, and I am okay with not learning how to cook, and eating in my own unique way.