Lunch is in the middle of breakfast and dinner and in the middle of my preferences. If breakfast is typically my least favorite meal and dinner is my favorite, lunch is right in the middle. In many ways, lunch feels like a necessary meal. Most workplaces have a lunch hour. And most people need some vittles as fortification to get through the remainder of the work day.

The first thing I think of when I think of lunch is the sandwich. It feels like there are few things more American than the sandwich. I have mixed feelings towards sandwiches. On the one hand I think they can be delicious, on the other hand I am SO sick of eating sandwiches. It is such an American staple that I think it is easy to get sick of sandwiches. It is no wonder that so many eateries and restaurant are trying to make sandwiches more unique and diverse to try to revitalize the public’s palette for a sandwich.

I don’t eat beef burgers but I do like veggie burgers and turkey burgers. One of the other staples for lunch is French fries. Words cannot express how much I love French fries. They are delicious, satisfying and fun to snack on. It’s great to dip a French fry in a sea of ketchup. Plus I like the many different kinds of French fries. If a sandwich is boring, there is always the French fries to look forward to. French fries should be indulged whenever possible. I think I could write a whole entry just on French fries. I may do just that.

In addition to burgers and fries, there are always salad and Cole slaw as well. Cole slaw with a great sandwich and fries makes the perfect trifecta. One thing I despise is dinner-sized salad plates. I only like a side salad, and think that is more than enough lettuce. Lettuce is not hearty and makes for a piss-poor meal. I suppose it is good for diets and know that some people really love salad, but for me it is not that way. I do like creative salads that are more than just the lettuce/tomato/cuke staple. Adding bacon or cheese or olives or peppers, etc. can really add a lot to a salad.

Soup is also a favorite for lunch. My favorite kind of soup, hands down, is clam chowder or seafood chowder. I also like tomato, chili, minestrone, vegetable and lentil. It’s great to eat these soups out when they are made in house. Barring that, I eat canned soup, some of which are quite tasty. And soup requires salt. I think reduced-salt soup is demonic. Salt makes the soup and it is required in a substantial amount. If it is not salty enough I will salt it until it is just right.

Lunch is an important meal. Falling in the middle of the day, it will help us get through the remainder of the day and build upon our breakfast meal. I generally enjoy lunch and often find myself eating it on the go as so many busy people do. I hope you enjoy your lunch. Bon Appétit!