We have arrived at my favorite meal of the day; dinner. Din din or supper as it is sometimes called is my favorite because there are so many choices and it is so hearty.

The name of the games is carbs, carbs and more carbs. I shouldn’t be saying this as a diabetic. In fact, it may get me arrested by the glucose police. But too damn bad. Because all my favorite dinner food are carb heavy: pasta, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and bread, among others.

The classic American dinner is a protein, a carb and a vegetable. I think this is a pretty good combination and love chicken breast or salmon, mashed or baked potatoes and peas or green beans. This is a very basic American dinner but one that is delicious to me.

I adore pasta. I like penne, linguini and angel hair. I like lasagna, baked ziti and chicken parmesan. I also like fettucine alfredo and pasta carbonara. I like fine dining Italian restaurants as well as Olive Garden. Salad and breadsticks and soup really bring the main dish home.

Pad thai, drunken noodle and pad garlic are also three of my fave dinner choices. We have a wonderful Thai restaurant in this area and I am a regular there. If I ever chose to cook [which is unlikely] I would want to learn Thai food.

I think dinner is a nice meal because it is usually after work. The work day can be very stressful and one is happy when it is over and done with. Eating a good meal in the early evening is relaxing, enjoyable and diverts the attention away from work stress. Whether done alone or with people, it is a time for hearty food and culinary enjoyment.

I love going out to dinner. There is something about eating when it is dark outside that is very special, especially if there is a warm ambiance with candlelight inside the restaurant and some kind of fancy drink, alcohol or otherwise. Admittedly these times are generally more fun with company, whether an individual or a group. The absolute best dinner is when the food is amazing and the people you are with are truly enjoying it. I am also incredibly grateful when people pick up the tab given my difficult financial situation. I wish I could do it more often for others.

Dinner is magical. Breakfast and lunch often seem more perfunctory. But a nice dinner is a luxury and nourishes the spirit as much as the body. I look forward to dinner every day and think about what I am going to eat. While I like more “fancy” foods I do not consider myself a foodie as I identify too strongly with my working-class roots and see that as something other people identify as. Sometimes, fried chicken, potato wedges and Cole slaw is my favorite meal in the world. If you were on Death Row and were granted your one final meal, what would it be and why? I know I would have a lotta stuff crammed on that plate. Hint: thanksgiving dinner items would figure prominently.